Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Silent Knowing

Seeing is the first embodiment of Truth. As Awareness, we see from the Eternal  realm of all possibility, yet to be born from that Silent Unknowing.

Silence calls the  Awareness of what One truly knows. Understanding what you first are is the first embodiment, for it is embodiment that realises, and is Realisation itself, all within the Unabounded.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Twyford 2009

When you see from being, you see from a softness, where everything that you respond to comes in, comes into that softness. We spoke about the vulnerability, for that’s the Seeing from softness, a Seeing from being, from the moment.

We still have the conditioned self that is touched by the environment, but also, we have the inner conditioning from softness and being, the inner conditioning, where the self comes back into being. So let everything in, so that you no longer have a face, there’s no more face, it disappears, then, when the softness is exposed it is then reflected, there’s no face. Then, when a face appears it’s because the world is talking to you, touching you in a conditioned way, but from softness from ones inner being. One lets that face in until it disappears, again, revealing more softness.
You may be looking at other faces, you may draw upon a face, like a conditioning that touches the conditioning in you,  but when you see from softness and you let in the faces you can see the softness in them.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Deeper than you

Merging, not identifying. Only Awareness that is knowing of the natural state, as formless can merge (direct experience) and maintain its formless integrity. This very awareness is the act upon a reaction(separation)in form, to recognise a true way of being that is deeper than you. Do not understand from your mind what is happening, this relating is superficial, and never is as deep as to what you are. Understand within your knowing that is formless and without judgement. This  Unknowing Knowing is what Real understanding rests upon.