Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Monday, 29 February 2016

Maidenhead meeting. Thursday 25th February 2016

Q. Is there such a thing as to little effort?

A. To little effort can be to much If there's no willingness. There's no effort. Any effort and you already disconnect. There's only willing. There can never be to much willing. Efforting just comes from an idea with an agenda. Being willing is simply a consenting to what is efforting.  Efforting comes back to what is willing. Efforting comes from you as a person. Willingness comes from what is deeper than your person. If you are willing it brings your efforting back to where it belongs. Belongs here. Your person then becomes a relatedness to what is willing. What is deeper than your person will willingly move through your person, and you'll effortlessly be willing, there is nothing other than your willing.

Effortlessly meets with the surrendered willing, effortlessly then opens up to reflect what is deeper than what is efforting. Surrenderdly willing moving through the course vein of ones effort, Brings your efforting in, to what is willing. A tiny bit of efforting without willing takes you away, disconnects you. A tiny bit of willing, brings you back.

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