Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to lose except the dishonesty of holding onto something that doesn't reflect Truth. As awareness, there is no identification with form, there is instead the awareness that relates from THAT, that is prior to form, pure Consciou Seeing.

Identified awareness is an illusion, a holding fixation that remains closed, contracted. Consciousness that imitates form is mirrored only by mind. Primerily then, it is a minds orientation that Consciousness is merging with, a merging that is distorted then by the reaction of identification.

Awareness is not identified when in realisation of itself as formless. It is no longer assuming mind as its primary reality, there is instead a relating from nothing. The nothing perspective is the origin of consciousness as is. What comes into form then, is via a pure attention of recognition of that that is prior to form.

The pure attention attained via recognition is the awakening to a deeper reality than that  of form and all appearence. The new relating is the liberated consciousness that is knowing of its origin, no longer fixated with its manifestation. Instead there is a relating from prior to form, from essence, an aliveness that cannot be encapsulated by any of the outer vehicles of expression rather, it can only be reflect by the outer vehicles, and experienced only by formless pressence.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Relation to Truth

All form is in relation to to truth, as ones conscious knowing is, all is consciousness, nothing exists outside of consciousness.

Knowing is the non-attached awareness that has an empty quality, non characteristic. It is this quality of consciousness that experiences realisation. The experience of realisation is where the body mind comes into relation to that, that is via ones empty, and non conditional awareness and knowing, a knowing that precedes all conditions of body mind.

The living experience is where the body mind opens to reflect the oneness and unity of conscious origin. Form in its reflection no longer projects a narrative or story, it instead, reflects. This open reflection is then the experience of oneness in all things, all things come into relation to being.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Your projection is your own image cast upon what is arising. Experiencing the suchness of all arising is without projection, it is a pure empty attention, relating from that that precedes all arising.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


There is no thinker, there is just thinking.

One knows ones thinking for thinking arises out of the self, and the self, arises out of consciousness.

Consciousness knowing of its formless origin and Sees all things arise out of the formless origin.

Consciousness in itself is the first division of oneness coming to know itself,  symbolised as the son knowing the Father.

Awareness aware of the underlying being of all things has become the primary, and profound knowing that is, as it is, independant of mind, for the reflection of reality is itself  the knowing that I am.

As a reflection there is the existance of that, that is prior to all existance. Paradoxical identity of awareness existing and non existing.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Why is thinking negation?

As awareness you have identified with a thinking process. This process within itself is a reaction to ones sense of seperation as an individual. It is then that, as consciousness, you are relating from the mind, motivated by a sense of individual contraction. A contraction that is nothing more than an idea of who you think you are.

Consciousness that is realised knows it's no body, it is realised in its truth sense, an absalute consciousness that is indifinable. Relating from this absalute non-personal sense precedes all thinking and idealised personal contraction.

Identifying with thought is a blind reaction to the true movement of what one first is before all conceptual involvement. A reaction that conceals the true action, leeding to distortion, seperation, negation.


Patterns provoke an awakening

Not a doing.

Seeing this  provokes a correcting.

Seeing is the true movement.

Seeing is action.

Thinking is negatioin.