Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Thursday, 27 December 2012


You are not the body; the body arises out of you. Consciousness knows origin via its formlessness. Forming and rising expression is seen, not identified.


The world arises out of you; you are the portal between manifest and  un-manifest. Consciousness is all and knowing of no-thing. It is as is without thought defining it.


It is inner and outer without distinction because it merges, it does not objectify. It does not use understanding to know. Understanding arises out of pure knowing.


Do not understand this with your mind to say that you know. Know and die to understanding that is acquired so as to live the true knowing of this eternal field of underlying reality.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


A shift in consciousness is a realignment to that, that is. One relates as awareness from a non perceptual paradigm. In relating from the origin and one, one comes into the true relation of being.

Ego is a reactive reality that moves from memory, unconsciousness. This rising I without recognition of its origin is in itself a blindness, a separation to a true recognition.

The Christ principle is the realisation of one's true nature via an unidentified, formless awareness. It is as awareness one awakens. Thought does not awaken. It is within the non-identified awareness that there can be the true merging to the true nature of all things via the one.

It is only as consciousness without attachment that one can realise via the formless knowing of the ultimate, and absolute reality of what one first is, and is of.

You cannot understand this with your mind. My death was not understood, it was in the cessation of all want and true acceptance of all things arising that there was a true realisation, death becomes then synonymous with awakening, coming from my own undoing, not thinking.

What awakened was that, that is prior to all thought. Formless consciousness realised without the need for outer forms to define this stunning formless reality, coming into an honest true expression, and seeing.