Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

So, Seeing allows for reality, despite old ways of understanding?

Old patterned ways of understanding come from experience that has come from the world. You have taken the perspective of the function rather than a deeper knowing that sees. The understanding given by function is an improper use of the function. As consciousness, there has been using the function to acquire meaning, when the true meaning cannot be acquired, or isolated as truth is one. When consciousness loses the higher perspective, it then becomes non formless, and acquires the shape of form, with understanding, will, emotion, and thought. In using the self, it uses these fore capacities of self. In identifying with the unconscious self, awareness then seeks wholeness via the unconscious, using the extension on the outer to peer into the inner, but this act of separation cannot become whole by the outer looking as that is separation. It is only by resting and relating from the inner that one sees into the self. The self no longer seeking wholeness, as, you understand that you are of wholeness, and not the self. This is the shift in consciousness. One sees the self, a higher seeing then perceiving.
Boars Hill Nov 2011

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