Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Alignment of awareness between that of form and that of unmanifest being. It is this realised consciousness of it's unmanifest origin that knows the I Am for it is the first embodiment of being

Resist to understand. You have never been born so the world of perception knows you not with it's understanding. You lie beneath silently watching a dream

Monday, 23 April 2012


Formless  awareness  is  empty as it is no longer a thing, it can then imitate that, that is deeper than form,  the unmanifest  innermost of being.  In that imitation there is a merging,  awareness and unknowing become one.
Awareness aware of what it first knows  remains formless with thought and form, thus merging with the outer. It is in this merging that one can truly experience from reality  into reality. From as is, into what is.

Merge to go home

To merge, is to go home. When as awareness there is a realisation of absolute within  as awareness, there can be a merging-an imitation of that that is, you are aware of, and the same as, the two become one. You become that within truth, and truth is within you.

As consciousness imitating what one first is, one becomes the Know-er. Out of the origin of the one comes all things. The knowing is the one, and understanding is the relative thought of all that splits the capacity to reflect.
There is no trying  or endeavouring to be spiritual but instead, there is the seperated thought that asks for wholeness, a thought that enquires into spirit rather than thought being made whole by spirit, the  reality that underlies it, a love  that cannot be entered into by thought.

Reflect that that you are without understanding and allow the mystery  as a depth in you to reflect that as is beauty and reality, as a living word that falls bellow all understanding.

Friday, 20 April 2012

What you see is what you know, the appearance of things. But where you see from is not a thing, and where you see from has greater meaning than things.

We embody that that we are and what is, you see from nothing, but that nothing is the mystery, that cannot be understood, cannot be grasped but instead, can be reflected.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I am nothing that can be described by the mind, one can only know via an emptiness of awareness. Being caught within the outer expression becomes desire, you become a thing, a custom that is relative to the outer dimension of mind, of expression. The alienated outer expression is distorted by a perspective that doesn't fall deeper than form, thus one doesn't see, rather, one can only think, or seek. But by being honest one becomes as consciousness clean of any attachment that does not define what you first are. It is then that one can know without the distortion of using any understanding. It is silence that is as pure consciousness that one can reflect a deeper depth than form, a way of being that is bellow time, that is eternal, one can then see from this dimension. A way of being that is true to what you first are. You are no one being within the person that reflects a way of being as the primary reality.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Everything falls away in terms of identity because you don't identify anymore, it's that that's been the illusion, the grand covering of reality. You yourself have been the greatest conspiracy to truth, your own idea covering the formless reality of the face before you were born, but now, there's the seeing of the immaculate edge to form that continues as an attachment but with a depth into a mystery that defines nothing but what you first are, an absolute mystery seeing itself and expressing itself, Seeing from nothing into what is, bridged by an emptiness that is as is, I am.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A talk in London

Be as consciousness knowing what is real within you, a deeper reality than thought. Allow there to be an ecceptance of mind and thought without identification, maintain honesty. Do not create an idea to become still, instead, as consciousness be empty, and merge with being within and without.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

To merge is to go home. When as awareness there is a realisation of absolute within, as awareness there can be a merging, and an imitation of that that is. You are aware of, and the same as, the two become one. You become that within truth, and truth is within you, there is no division, only source and it's expression.

As consciousness imitating what one first is, one becomes the Know-er. The knowing is the one that knows without thought it's source and true nature, a knowing that precedes all understanding that divides and manifests thought. Thought is the reflection that the knowing sees.

Monday, 2 April 2012

You awaken to what you are as pure consciousness, a consciousness that is unidentified with form, seeing from a shifted place that doesn't exist in the world of appearence and yet appearence is of it.
As awareness there is the choice that resides between the two dimensions making them one, or separate.

A choice is one of honesty and surrender. As awareness there is being honest by knowing what is going on in the outer reflection of what you are being. Honesty is not identifying rather, just knowing what you are being. This type of awareness comes to know the deeper origin of form and consciousness untill awareness surrenders to a deeper way of being. It is this being that becomes the new movement, a new consciousness.
As is the absolute. From that that is, there is nothing that can be added or taken away, wholeness and complete.

The coming into is the first embodiment, that of pure consciousness, an emptiness. It is the emptiness without agenda or need that relates from what it first knows as true.

An honest consciousness can merge formless in the world of appearence, relating from the deeper reality of no thing.