Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Saturday, 25 February 2012

When as awareness going home, Awareness imitates what cannot be understood rather, awareness imitates that that can be reflected via the attachment that awareness has with outer consciousness. The inner becomes the outer via emptiness, a consciousness that doesn't identify with form, reflecting instead the deepest of true nature via the formless consciousness that knows without thought it's origin.


  1. I'm grateful to have found your blog, indirectly via Eckhart Tolle's recommended reading list; as a result, I've ordered Out of Darkness because of the great reviews and the challenges I am currently facing. I want to read The Fall afterwards and am thinking about taking it on vacation with me in early May. I also enjoyed seeing you "live" on ConsciousTV. I'm grateful you've decided to share what you've come to understand and you do it with such grace! Louise