Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Saturday, 31 December 2011

In that separation awareness identifies with things and forgets its no thing, and where things become what this identity knows, this ego knows, it becomes afraid of what it doesn’t know, so it stays in the world of things, begins seeking, forgetting its no thing, but identification gives it the appearance that it is something.

You look into the world of things but forgetting to see from no thing, because identification has become a veil, you get stuck. But, awareness itself is the first embodiment of truth realized or unrealized, in its final realisation it can only be as awareness one goes home.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

We embody that what we are and what is. You see from nothing but that nothing is the mystery that cannot be understood, cannot be grasped rather, it can be reflected and embodied. You are the greatest mystery. As awareness you embody and you do but there is no doer for the true movement comes from that that you first are. Then, the outer becomes the inner, becomes one, reflects the one. Face before you were born coming into form.

Monday, 19 December 2011

True understanding is as awareness a complete acceptance of self, one where one sees the limitation of self.

Instead of using self, being attached to self for a higher meaning that Leeds to a higher idea, as awareness one begins to fall through self, one goes beyond what they know.

Falling through self only then does awareness come to know the true understanding of what one first is, one falls into the higher understanding where consciousness becomes conscious of itself,.
Here seeing, not observing. Seeing is being in, not attached too, where as the observer is stuck to self relating from self.

Being in the happening attraction of self, manifesting the good intent that is not thought, it's deeper than form, coming into form.

Don't try to understand it.Be in in self, and let understanding reflect that that cannot be understood.
It is the Seeing from no thing that is the first embodiment of truth, of love. But, it was in coming back into the self as pure conscious awareness that, in remembrance of that truth there was to embody that in everything one does, this was to be the second embodiment of truth.It was then in that remembrance that there was the conforming, not an imitation to a rule rather a giving to love, surrendering to what is as the reality principle, because anything acquired is memory, thought, a vehicle for conscious expression and creation but not reality itself.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dis-identifying with form is, as awareness, becoming empty, a pure state of poverty; from which, you see reflected, the face of truth. From within, you see out, into the one, from the one, at the vulnerable cost of everything. living for that, from within, in the outer for that, that is. Emptiness holds no desire for that is the attachment to self. Awareness returns instead home, empty of thought, formless, reflecting that that is, the one.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I give back everything so that, I may see you.
There was losing all the identification with thought, falling then deeper than the abstract reality, and coming instead into the heart. The heart opened without the contracting control that the ego had, and as such, the heart opened. Now accessible to every shape that the heart had ever known, left by the ego's imprinted separation. There was then the relating from what one first is, a pure seeing without blemish, and the heart then served as capacity. This was dying to self, the dark night that John spoke of. This was the shift in consciousness, the awakening.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Love. Personal and Absolute. Love is beyond the remit of form, and forms familiar. The familiar aspects of form are what we come to know and embody as patterns, whether they be thought, emotional, intuitional, or of the will. Personal love is a patterned way of expressing love, with thought, feeling etc. Sensuality, and sexuality become the patterned way of ones sexual orientation, but what is absolute love, has no orientation, only a true movement.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The me as identified awareness, is awareness identifying with self thus, creating an idea of who you think you are, for this is the ego, this is an idea, a me, a mine. When as awareness going beyond what you know there is a falling through the identification to self, and a coming to know true nature, thus there is a shift in consciousness, a shift in consciousness where you go from identifying with who you think you are, to suddenly, a realization, a seeing from what one is, to then realising that there is no one there, your just one, and that the centre point of reality is everywhere, your just here, graciously being and seeing, from this promise of what we first are, except the idea of who we are is gone.

Awareness is the link between the self and what you know but awareness is not to rest in. Awareness is what moves within the self but with profound knowing that is deeper than self and it is that, that is home, and it is that as awareness, you come to rest as the outer becomes seen rather than identified with. Awareness relating to ones deepest knowing, is resting in home.
See not from thought, for Seeing is not thinking. Seeing as awareness aware of itself, falling deeper than self, into the reflection of what it first is as true nature. One begins then to see as life sees, seeing from what one first is. The suchness sees without thought into the reality of things.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

To transmute, is too simply see, for you are already complete, there is nothing to do, what you first are is already done. It is from that very movement of being that there is the deepest of connection, one that displaces illusion. love will undo your fear, a simple displacement, dissipation. This is the living process. Life complete within the movement of that, that can reflect that way of being, a true way of being.

10.12.11 Burnham

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

You see from the whole, because you are being, you do not get caught in the relative function of mind. You can be with the mind, not stuck to it, rather, being a midst thinking, but relating from being and then, your mind being the mirror will reflect that. The mind then imitates what you first are, for that is the function and capacity of mind. The true function that brings absolute into relative focus.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Curiosity sees from a place that is deeper than self, only when attached to self in an identified way, does a curiosity become that of compulsion, bound by self. It is this process of distortion that creates desire, for a curiosity has assumed form, thus losing its empty formlessness. Curiosity then relates to the world, compromising its innate seeing from beneath the appearance.

A seeing from the un-manifest possibility to the such-ness of touch that, is given by the world via the vulnerable act of being aware, naked awareness, delicate mist of expression for the world to fall through. You then have the direct experience. It is to the awakened essence that there is the true movement, and not thought, for thought is born of self.

4.12.11 Soho.

Edited version

Curiosity sees from a place that is deeper than self. However, when attached to self in an identified way, curiosity becomes a compulsion, bound by self. It is this process of distortion that creates desire, for curiosity has assumed form, thus losing its empty formlessness. Curiosity then relates to the world, compromising its innate seeing from beneath the appearance.

By relating from what is unmanifest, without identifying with the world, the world falls through the naked expression of pure awareness to reveal an empty and naked vulnerability. This direct experience from the suchness of what you first are is the awakened essence, the true movement beneath all appearance.