Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sometimes, outer doesn't reflect inner

My being listens, body leans to the silence within my secret heart that is beneath the emotional programming and ego states, states that abstract from the contractions, wanting to pull from the formless reservoir of unknowable reality, an image that becomes the distortion and identity that wants, coming away then from what is.

There is remaining true to knowing so that the outer, pulling without distortion to the cost of the outer identity structure and as such, feel the such-ness of suffering becoming what it first is, sorrow, for that is the the true face of suffering coming to know its compromised position regards truth.

I go from wanting to a dying, to being born again, coming to know truth where I had once cut off. Truth reveals the nameless, and faceless name you have that has eternal promise, never having been born.

From your heart but not of it, instead administerd by it bringing fourth grace, and a direct seeing that the mind can reflect with nothing coming through, only a knowing of pure reality, seeking form that can be with that as one, so that the inner and outer is the being of this world reflecting the never not here so that presence stills everything around you becoming more than thought so that the first language is finally spoken, that of silence.

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