Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Friday, 4 November 2011

The mystery is deep? Beyond thought?

Awareness, that is the key to the mystery. As consciousness, there is the expanse of all you see, but more than that, where you see from, to then seeing into the relative field of things, and dimensions, but seeing from an infinite being with no symmetry but that of perfection. The greatest gift, is remaining formless in form, thus, relating to that that is unmanifest, and yet, from it, comes the pure movement, and sower of meaning to all things manifest. This mystery becomes manifest before thought, so that thought may project a true meaning as expression, and not desire. It is as awareness assuming the shape of form that the separation from true meaning appears as a distortion, thus the world becomes your mystery to that, that seeks to understand, a desire that habituates to more and never enough. But that, that you are off, is whole calling all form to wholeness, by a resonance that undoes by love, any distortion, for there is no thought upon thought, there is just the one, that all comes from, and as awareness, can relate too, and see from. This is the peace that falls bellow any understanding you have of truth. Awareness is the key, but not the door.

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