Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Is the world an illusion?

Separation from reality is an illusion. Reality has it's expression. Truth was once one in oneness, and then, creation manifested from the one, so that truth could see itself, and express itself. You are born of that creation, and within that creation, is reality. Free will is part of the creation, so that as what you are born of, can move as light, coming from the depths. Free will is a formless expression that can go anywhere, but also bound by flesh. It is the flesh that love comes to love, unto love, for that love, and in the complete remembrance of that love, the flesh can embody. love is not an illusion, only your perception can deceive, and deceive only ones perception, the error is never of truth, or love. The child that comes from the creation can distort before it comes of age and with the true inheritance can then reflect in true maturity the grace and splendor of love, embodying at the cost of all one knows, a surrender that becomes the laying down of ones life, a falling into the hands that you have come from. Eternal life is the true movement that is then, administered by you as a choice less awareness reflecting that, that is not of this world. From creation you come to know the creation, you see your own creation before you see the true creation, but at the loving cost. Within the true creation you find the true word that is your nameless name that falls bellow all mystery, and understanding. It is then that in truth, you come to know reality, and also illusion. Illusion was always the loss, and not knowing of love, a dream of exile. The World is no illusion, not in it's transient expression of the highest truth, be it that of love.

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