Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How do I go home?

No thought can become conscious, for form is the unconscious that seeks wholeness in expression, but in it's separation becomes lost in thought, thought cannot go home. The movement is as consciousness that sees form, and form is that, that when being in, imitates the higher awareness of what one first is. One is in form, seeing from the infinite nature of absolute, experienced in the measured containment of form. Form focusing the absolute upon earth. No thought can fall through form, or self, only you as the empty awareness in its Christlike principle, for it is this principle that knows and imitates the father, one becomes nothing, so as to administer for all things, bringing into creation the true meaning, the true meaning of love, for that is what you are of, that is your true inheritance. love seeks love, for love, unto love. It is the relative expression in separation that seeks a wholeness in form that fragments and splits, idealising its image, but with it comes judgement, and it is that judgement that breaks when love comes to love, for unto love is the true meaning, and purpose. This trinity of one, the divine revelation, is your awakening, and home.

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