Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Awareness by its nature is formless, and when realised of its formlessness, there is a deeper imitation of that, that Is, and too this, there is a joining, a marriage, one merges into the essence. Thought cannot merge, it can only acquire, but without the awareness' realisation, thought is governed by desire, by an awareness that relates to form in an identified way, that of unrealised need born of self, but you are deeper than self, deeper than embodied manifestation.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Compulsion is the movement of self, but within that movement, is the true movement of being. Being within the self, is being within the compulsion. when you as awareness relate from what you first are, the outer vehicle of self are then compelled by it, and in coming together, there is the true embodying. Where there is the compulsion to live, there is also sewn within that expression the meaning of love, of intimacy. compelled to love, a love within, to love for.
Compulsion is the movement of self, but within that movement is the true movement of being. Being within the self is being within the compulsion. when you as awareness relate from what you first are, the outer vehicle of self are then compelled by it, and in coming together, there is the true embodying. Where there is the compulsion to live, there is also sewn within that expression the meaning of love, of intimacy. compelled to love, a love within, to love.
A note for my own seeing. Sorry it is abstract and hard to follow.

Attention moves into energy, in and out, connecting to anything via curiosity, or the attachment to self. via the attachment to self, memory is given to the attention, and it is here that it is easy to lose the formlessness of such attention where by, attention becoming the same as presented memory arising out of the self, thus attention is facsimileing, or, identifies, giving the false perception that there is an individual thinking, instead of the Self presenting. Attention assuming shape and form is the I. Attention is the face of formless awareness, it is not a thought.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

It took the best part of a year to explore the relation between being and form, for I'd up until then had a fine seeing relating to being, a seeing from what I first was as formless awareness. I came to know that this fine seeing, has a natural attachment to form, and that the outer form was still an awareness.

Seeing the outer form as awareness, I could see a distinction, that form was an embodied awareness, or memory and that, this kind of awareness is psychic by nature, and compulsion in its function. I saw that awareness in it's finer seeing, was formless, especially when relating to true nature, but this was not the case for the self, for when awareness relates to form in any way, it becomes the same as, identified, thus losing it's formlessness, because this identification to form is identity, and via the psychic energy, compulsion becomes the relating factor, this becomes a separation from true nature. This becoming the same as leads to the building of an ongoing identity.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

London 13.11.11

Become still. Allow the outer bodies of expression to become that of stillness. It is there, innately within your being, the true stillness that speaks the first language of that, before you were born, for it is not achieved. If the outer become stilled by achievement, that is practice, that is doing something with the self, that is the stilling of self, by self. Do not be confused. Stillness is inherently within you, witnessing from that very natural nature of what you first are. There is stillness in everything, for that is the prime mover, manifesting all movement. All sound comes from silence, all movement comes from stillness, all form comes from formless. that is what you first are.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sometimes, outer doesn't reflect inner

My being listens, body leans to the silence within my secret heart that is beneath the emotional programming and ego states, states that abstract from the contractions, wanting to pull from the formless reservoir of unknowable reality, an image that becomes the distortion and identity that wants, coming away then from what is.

There is remaining true to knowing so that the outer, pulling without distortion to the cost of the outer identity structure and as such, feel the such-ness of suffering becoming what it first is, sorrow, for that is the the true face of suffering coming to know its compromised position regards truth.

I go from wanting to a dying, to being born again, coming to know truth where I had once cut off. Truth reveals the nameless, and faceless name you have that has eternal promise, never having been born.

From your heart but not of it, instead administerd by it bringing fourth grace, and a direct seeing that the mind can reflect with nothing coming through, only a knowing of pure reality, seeking form that can be with that as one, so that the inner and outer is the being of this world reflecting the never not here so that presence stills everything around you becoming more than thought so that the first language is finally spoken, that of silence.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The mystery is deep? Beyond thought?

Awareness, that is the key to the mystery. As consciousness, there is the expanse of all you see, but more than that, where you see from, to then seeing into the relative field of things, and dimensions, but seeing from an infinite being with no symmetry but that of perfection. The greatest gift, is remaining formless in form, thus, relating to that that is unmanifest, and yet, from it, comes the pure movement, and sower of meaning to all things manifest. This mystery becomes manifest before thought, so that thought may project a true meaning as expression, and not desire. It is as awareness assuming the shape of form that the separation from true meaning appears as a distortion, thus the world becomes your mystery to that, that seeks to understand, a desire that habituates to more and never enough. But that, that you are off, is whole calling all form to wholeness, by a resonance that undoes by love, any distortion, for there is no thought upon thought, there is just the one, that all comes from, and as awareness, can relate too, and see from. This is the peace that falls bellow any understanding you have of truth. Awareness is the key, but not the door.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Is the world an illusion?

Separation from reality is an illusion. Reality has it's expression. Truth was once one in oneness, and then, creation manifested from the one, so that truth could see itself, and express itself. You are born of that creation, and within that creation, is reality. Free will is part of the creation, so that as what you are born of, can move as light, coming from the depths. Free will is a formless expression that can go anywhere, but also bound by flesh. It is the flesh that love comes to love, unto love, for that love, and in the complete remembrance of that love, the flesh can embody. love is not an illusion, only your perception can deceive, and deceive only ones perception, the error is never of truth, or love. The child that comes from the creation can distort before it comes of age and with the true inheritance can then reflect in true maturity the grace and splendor of love, embodying at the cost of all one knows, a surrender that becomes the laying down of ones life, a falling into the hands that you have come from. Eternal life is the true movement that is then, administered by you as a choice less awareness reflecting that, that is not of this world. From creation you come to know the creation, you see your own creation before you see the true creation, but at the loving cost. Within the true creation you find the true word that is your nameless name that falls bellow all mystery, and understanding. It is then that in truth, you come to know reality, and also illusion. Illusion was always the loss, and not knowing of love, a dream of exile. The World is no illusion, not in it's transient expression of the highest truth, be it that of love.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How do I go home?

No thought can become conscious, for form is the unconscious that seeks wholeness in expression, but in it's separation becomes lost in thought, thought cannot go home. The movement is as consciousness that sees form, and form is that, that when being in, imitates the higher awareness of what one first is. One is in form, seeing from the infinite nature of absolute, experienced in the measured containment of form. Form focusing the absolute upon earth. No thought can fall through form, or self, only you as the empty awareness in its Christlike principle, for it is this principle that knows and imitates the father, one becomes nothing, so as to administer for all things, bringing into creation the true meaning, the true meaning of love, for that is what you are of, that is your true inheritance. love seeks love, for love, unto love. It is the relative expression in separation that seeks a wholeness in form that fragments and splits, idealising its image, but with it comes judgement, and it is that judgement that breaks when love comes to love, for unto love is the true meaning, and purpose. This trinity of one, the divine revelation, is your awakening, and home.