Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Monday, 31 October 2011

Before thought, there is the emptiness out of which the thought is given, for it is the mystery of no-thing that gives rise to everything. This emptiness is called awareness, an awareness that is no longer identified with form, allowing then for the administering of a deeper reality, a reality that is bellow even emptiness. The true movement of being can then be made manifest.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Sharing what you think and feel isn't honesty, that is instead seen as your understanding, an awareness that relates from a discernment of self, not from what you are of. Seeing from the core essential nature is honesty, an uncompromising seeing that, comes into the nature of what you have been, but from what you are of. This seeing is the core honesty. When the acquired discernment is seen relating from the acquired conscience, then the seeing becomes the real conscience, a conscience that holds no judgement, allowing the outer acquired judgement to come into the likeness of that inner honesty, and in that outer rememberence of that true inner call, the outer will break for the way of the new presence of seeing. The outer can only extend, and reflect truth. The self will not understand, for one cannot acquire truth, one can only be it in, be in the eternal moment, of intimate truth. You are not your thoughts and feeling, your more than that, and when you know that, thought and feeling will reflect that honesty.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Boars Hill. Carmelite Priory. Oxford. 16.10.11

You say it’s the first embodiment of truth, why is that?

Before the embodiment of truth, there was no realisation of truth in the self; instead, you had a vague knowing that there was something deeper to all you knew, but you could not relate from that depth. To do so would have meant that as awareness, you related from that, that you are of, but you didn’t. You continued to use self, relating to self and not truth, the world was your master but there was a deeper call, a deeper resonance, but no realisation, no revelation. When awareness has let go of the perceived reality, in not investing in the story, it falls apart, awareness standing then naked, empty, that formless awareness then has the revelation that awareness first emanates from something deeper than self, it has fallen through self, something that thought cannot do. Then there is a merging of the empty awareness into the formless origin, into something that has not yet manifested, and yet, is everything. This is the essential nature. Awareness realises this hidden nature, and via it’s awareness of it, embodies it via it’s attachments, that are no longer identified with, allowing the outer parts of self to reflect that understanding. This first embodiment is home, coming home. You know who you are. You can see that, and see from it. This is being in truth, and the truth in you.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Boars Hill. Oxford

living for that state of being that is the true movement. The outer levels of expression can reflect that. Letting the outer levels reflect that is
then, living for that inner truth, and true movement. When, as awareness, there is then a merging with that movement of being, from that true perspective, there is then a seeing, and it is this seeing that displaces fear, where as before, awareness has been caught in the outer, identifying with the world as a primary reality(illusion). But by seeing it, awareness in it's emptiness like state will administer the true movement, so that the true will is done, displacing fear, and embodying truth, seen as from truth, that what you first are.