Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Non-duality Dorset am 5th March 2011

Seeing things as they are, seeing from what you first are that is deeper than self, coming into self, the self being the capacity to express consciousness, not the idea, not the me.

The me is as awareness, separate from its true nature, forms instead an idea, an identity, but the me, the identity, is not the self, its not a capacity, rather, it’s a distortion.

Distortion can be corrected only by seeing , not doing, awareness reflecting the formless, seeing then sees that in everything, everything becomes one in the world of appearance, because one sees from bellow the appearance.

One sees from that that has never appeared, that just is, then, there's seeing ones thinking, ones feelings, from the formless, looking into the form of thinking and feeling. Seeing the patterned way of how ones been, one sees the suchness of self.

Identification with the self has been a large distortion, rather than doing something in the self, one is being something in the self, rather than there being a doer there is a being in, you become nothing you become one, and the world is in you and you are in the world. Awareness and its understanding of the formless, in coming to know its true nature, and it is that understanding that becomes the first embodiment of truth.

In form, to live for that that is not form, a knowing that is a deeper resonance than any understanding or feeling, this is bringing meaning into the world, rather than being identified in form acquiring meaning. within the self, there is just reflecting truth in what you do and what you are.

As awareness coming to know what you first are one has to go beyond what you know, go past the world of things, past the familiar. You come to know a stillness, a stillness that sees, thinking doesn’t see, thinking equates, and to equate you need knowledge, and knowledge is history.

The still moment that everything is born of, you see from the greatest depth, the greatest mystery, one that cant be understood but can be reflected, seeing from intimacy, the eternal realm of being, thoughts may arise.

A source that is one, that oneness is in everything, and that intelligence that sees is a deep intelligence that sees, an intimacy, a love, a true meaning that speaks no words, no feeling, they call it the beloved. Awareness is no longer in a state of identification with self, there is no me. Awareness can then move anywhere in the self it can move in ones thinking ones feelings, ones patterned way of being, but its prime reality is a knowing, its prime reality is being, consciousness, seeing.

There is a more conscious way of being, being the embodiment of consciousness, capacity, they become one, that is the art of consciousness, is one. So time becomes a way of being but the prime reality is eternal.

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