Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Non - Duality Dorset pm 5.03.11

From stillness one sees, there is no thinking. In ones true nature there is just consciousness conscious of itself.

As awareness, that is the greatest understanding as it reflects what you first are, an understanding that doesn’t think but an understanding that reflects. You begin to see.

There’s nothing to think but thinking will arise, thoughts will arise, because thoughts are the embodiment, form, but what you first are is not form.

Awareness reflecting what you first are in form rather than identifying with form, awareness no longer caught in an identity.

As embodied awareness we can reflect nothing, there’s no story, there is the suchness of what is happening.

What you see is what you know, the appearance of things, but where you see from is not a thing, and where you see from has greater meaning than things.

We embody that that we are and what is, you see from nothing but that nothing is the mystery that cannot be understood, cannot be grasped rather it can be reflected and in that seeing, embodied.

You are the greatest mystery, as awareness you can embody, you can do but there is no doer, the doer is as awareness separate from what you first are.

As awareness there is getting caught in the self, thinking feeling, doing, where awareness cannot come back to the formless to reflect a seeing it gets caught up in the thinker, doer, ego, so as awareness there is getting stuck in the world of things, in the world of duality.

In that separation awareness identifies with things and forgets it’s no thing, and where things become what identity knows, this ego knows, it becomes afraid of what it doesn’t know, it stays in the world of things, begins seeking, forgetting it’s no thing, but identification gives it the appearance it is something.

You look into the world of things but forgetting to see from no thing, because identification has become a veil, getting stuck, but awareness itself is the first embodiment of truth realized or unrealized.

In its realisation awareness goes home, consciousness becomes conscious of itself, awareness becomes aware of the formless, and awareness is an expression of the formless that is stuck in form.

In realisation there is then awareness in its expression of the formless sees from the unmanifest the formless into the world of things, this is called seeing, this is seeing without thinking.

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