Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Miracle Café. Covent Garden. London. 24.02.11

When there is no thinking there is a seeing, a seeing as is. When you see from being your seeing from one, and then seeing from the one you see the suchness in everything, the suchness in everything is, as is, seeing things as they are without thinking, they become one. In this process what is missing is the idea, no more egoic consciousness, no more separation, consciousness becomes conscious of itself, so then there just is, as is, I am, and the first embodiment of that is awareness, awareness of what you first are, I am, is the embodiment without thinking.

Seeing from the true meaning you come to know who you are as nothing, yet in that nothing, is the possibility of everything, is the unmanifest, is the holy promise of existence, and one can see from that, your seeing from the unmanifest, your seeing from something that’s before your even born, the face before you were born. Its not a thought or a feeling, its not physicality its not anything yet it’s the promise of everything, the most intimate realm of reality, they call it intimacy, love, because it is one with everything, so awareness is the first embodiment of truth, because it takes our body to be aware, it takes our\ minds, our hearts, so there is this capacity, this human capacity to be aware.

Awareness can be realised or unrealised in truth, so there is a forgetting, we forget our true nature, then as awareness we get court up in the capacities of self, thinking, and the ego is born. Egoic consciousness is an attachment where awareness gets stuck to a shape, to form, to thinking and then as awareness you begin to relate from that way of thinking, you become a thinker, you become a doer.

Being court up in the ego the ego believes that that’s the true will, the true movement, and in that movement it seeks, thinking is like movement, and then in that paradigm of movement, in that relating from thinking and feeling awareness gets stuck, forgets, but it is still the first embodiment of truth, it becomes a distortion that needs correcting.

What you know isn’t what you are, its just an idea, going beyond the idea is going beyond what you know, beyond identification, when awareness goes beyond identification, awareness becomes aware of itself as awareness, begins to see the illusion. Like in the first lesson of the miracles, everything you see is not real, so awareness begins to fall through the abstraction of self, it falls through the idea you have of yourself, the identity, it falls through the name you were given , and suddenly your thinking has been become aware of.

Awareness then falls deeper into the self , it falls deeper into your\feelings, into the body, your feelings are what you know, feelings are not reality, then as awareness becomes aware of consciousness, and there is a seeing from the ultimate reality, an intimate reality, a seeing from being, from the eternal realm, there is no time. Embodiment is time, the projection of consciousness via our vehicles of expression, consciousness coming to see itself in human form, but human form is not what you first are.

Expression reflects being what you first are as consciousness, that is the miracle, it is only in identifying with the self with your thinking that keeps your awareness from realising its true nature. Thoughts arise out of the self, out of the patterning, but it is the identification with that patterning that creates a story, it creates a meaning that exists in the self rather than reflecting what you first are. This is separation.

Being aware of your thinking, of your patterning, emotional and mental, is to be just aware of it, not to identify with it, an awareness then begins to fall through the self, begins to come home, the journey home is through the self, because the self is the embodiment of truth but as awareness we identify because we have free will with the self and we forget the true nature, we stop seeing, we begin thinking. So that is the first embodiment of truth is awareness, and as awareness not identifying with thought and feeling.

Awareness falls through the self, bellow self, awakening to your true nature, then awareness comes to know true nature and in that embodiment there is the understanding of who you are, that is the first celebration of love, that is the embodiment of love , understanding you are nothing you just are. You see from nothing, you see without thought you see without the stain of judgement, when you identify with thought and there is an identity then there is judgement, your seeing not as truth sees, you see as you think, you see as your history, as your will, your discernment, your value, but then awareness falls through all of that it sees that, it falls through that, then it comes to know a deeper reality a deeper reality than self.

Deeper reality of being that just is, a knowing that knows this, this nothing that is everything that you are in and it is in you, this eternal realm of all possibility the promise of who you are is nothing but this presence, and then in the understanding of that there is then loving that, and loving that is remembering that in everything that you do.

Every patterned way of being that is in the self then begins to break like bread in the remembrance of truth because you know who you are, and you begin to see as life sees, it is the mercy of truth, seeing as truth sees, without judgement is mercy, you see as god sees, there is no judgement, and then, there is the rediscovery of self, because self is the embodiment, it’s the vehicle, then as you discover truth there is the rediscovery of self without the I without the me.

The me is the identified awareness, awareness identifies with self and creates an idea of who you think you are, this is the ego, this is an idea, when awareness goes beyond what you know and falls through the self it comes to know true nature, then there is a shift in consciousness, a shift in consciousness where you go from identifying with who you think you are, to suddenly, realisation. Seeing from what one is, and realising there is no one there, your\ just one, so the centre point of reality is everywhere, your just here, graciously being and seeing, from this promise of what we first are, but the idea of who we are is gone, gone, but what remains is the self, the capacity to be conscious, thinking feeling, physical.

Christ said, do this in remembrance of me as he broke bread, because he is saying, in remembrance of truth there is a cost, in knowing who you are there is a cost, it means the old patterns, the old ways of being in this world that don’t reflect truth will come in and as you see them you bless them but as you bless them they brake because in the remembrance of truth they come in and they begin to conform to truth to what you first are, this is the living process, the true living process, because it reflects the one.

There is the understanding of what you are, then there’s the loving who you are, then there is living for what you first are, living for that, which is your knowing which is bellow self, so we live for what we first are, via the self bringing this into the self, this is the giving of intimacy the communion, we commune. So there are three embodiments, understanding who you are, what you first are, living in remembrance of what you are, and living for what you are,

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