Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Slough 21.08.09

Seeing from consciousness is seeing from the unmanifest, from the face before you were born. So there`s no image there`s just unmanifest being.

See from the eternal, conscious contact - consciousness that knows consciousness. Consciousness that knows consciousness is awakening. Then the true movement comes from consciousness, and as it moves, comes into form.

Form reflects consciousness then there is one, and there is just is. There is no aberration, nothing in the middle.

Where there is egoic-consciousness, it’s consciousness that is stuck to form. Stuck to form is being stuck to an image, stuck to who you think you are

So in becoming still one can become aware of the true movement - which is stillness.
Movement cannot enter stillness.

One cannot see into it but one can see from it.
As consciousness you see from - that’s why they call it seeing.

Seeking is trying to look into something that cannot be seen into but can be seen from.

This is the shift in consciousness. It’s not going into a reality, it’s not a finding reality - it’s a shift.

Where there`s a shift there is a dying, a death, a letting go of seeking.

When you say “Ok” there is a falling apart; a coming apart where you’re no longer holding your reality together. Your former seeking was holding a reality together in order to find a reality. But you`ve got to let go of reality. There you will find reality.

In this consent the seeker undoes, and in this undoing, in the consent, there is a going beyond what you know, this is the shift in consciousness.

There is no dove tailing. There is no understanding There is just a profound revelation of who you are

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  1. reading this again it is pure gold steve. so clearly spoken . wonerfull .