Walking Awake

Walking Awake

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Slough 10.04.09

Seeing from being is like seeing from the oneness that is in everything, seeing from true nature. It's different because you're seeing from a place where there's no memory, feeling or thought. You're seeing from the eternal realm.

Seeing that is totally clean that has nothing to do with the world or you, untouched. So you see with no judgment. It's only in separation, only when we are caught in self, thoughts memories, feelings all becoming the primary relating reality principle, but this is an illusion.

The nature of true nature is intimacy, love, a love that truly sees with no blemish of self or ego, seeing from the face before you were born. The face before you were born is the formless.

You see the silence in everything; you see the true nature of things, because, within everything, there is the unmanifest.

Where there is stillness and silence, there used to be the narrative, there used to be meaning, the judgment, but when there is no egoic consciousness or meaning it just is.

Just is, as is, is the nature of things coming from the unmanifest. There is everything but from no-thing, and no-thing is who you are.

Then, from that stillness, from that nothing comes true purpose, our knowing. So even in the most crowded place the most noisy place, there's still that silent knowing.

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